Sunday, March 28, 2010

My last posting in PNG, Pindiu, Finschhafen Sub-District 1969




Paul arrived at Pindiu the day I left – December 1969.

1.The Cessna 172 that delivered Paul to Pindiu in 1969 and took me back to Lae and out of PNG for the Canadian disaster . Also photos of  Pindiu in 1969 courtesy of Mike Slough and finally Pindiu in 2007 courtesy of Furune Bean (nee Wama).  Finally, Finschhafen SDO early 1970’s courtesy Steven Cottingham and Buki Wharf 2008 courtesy of Robert Ilu.

This photo below of the plane was at Lae Airport. Not Pindiu – Pindiu had no trolleys! Also at Pindiu – chocks would be on the wheels to stop the plane from moving.

At Wau – well before I got there in 1968 – a DC3 – landed and taxied to the top of the strip and chocks were not put in place and the plane decided to try to take off by itself !
Ended up a mess in the plantation at the bottom of the strip!!!

2.Pindiu Airstrip – plane taking off – note the ups and downs of the strip and the clouds coming down from the Mountains.             ( Below)

3. Above:  At the end of this strip – the valley appeared – so if you went down – it was really down.
The road you can see is the road up to the Mission Station – note the landslides!
I lived just right under the planes right wing  – as the plane comes towards you.
Obviously another plane took this photo – flying in PNG was really by the seats of your pants!
School was looking at the photo off from the level and clear ground on the left of the photo.

To be continued tomorrow


  1. For those interested in history, see this entry on Finschhafen, which was always referred to as "Finsch", by people when I was there for 5 years - 1964-69, only out of the Sub-District in 1968, when I was in Wau.


  2. You really have had a delightful, full, and very interesting life.


  3. I agree with LInda... You have had a delightful, full and interesting life.