Friday, March 4, 2011


Well a great day and I agree with Bill - Chateauneuf du Pape is worth every cent - the "NECTAR OF THE GODS" - pagan god, Bracchus was pretty good, obviously. So obviously was the pope who didn't like Rome and the Catholic Church had two popes - one based in Rome and the "naughty" one who selected Avignon. 
History lesson:
"The city is well known for its Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes), where several popes and antipopes lived from the early 14th to early 15th centuries."
The popes of this period - the naughty ones certainly must have been very knowledgeable of 
about wine producing areas!!! Maybe they liked the god - Bracchus!!!

Bill's culinary delights of a chicken Caesar Salad was delightful and his peach pie with ice cream - well, I love dessert and this was a really great one.

Then to my surprise just as we finished eating as if on cue - a mobile rings and it is some people just arrived in LAX - so I saw and was introduced to people who I had heard of but had not met ---- via skype!!! Something that I had never heard of before today. Lovely to talk and meet with people in LAX - Diane and Bill will inform in due course who these 3 lovely people are.
The downside of the day was that it rained - started at about 6.30pm yesterday and hasn't let up - so it was cool. Thus not quite the clothing I intended to wear.I got to the CBD - collected my "racing " papers, had a glass of iced water at the Harlequin Club, went to the "little" room (!!! - modesty prevails) - (45 minute train gap ) and then got the train to Kuraby.The airconditioning on this train was on FRIGID level. I froze for the 40 minute trip - however there were NO ferals on the train. Another miracle!!!

Coming back - just missed by seconds the train I was to catch so had 1/2 hour "admiring" Kuraby Station.!!! Train arrived on time - again feral free. Intended to get off at Central and see old friends at the Whistle Stop, Sofitel but it was raining harder, so got off at Roma Street and waited 15 minutes for my train home, which was full of disgruntled office workers and was home by 4.45pm.
I am beginning to enjoy March very much!!! I got my quarterly gas and water bill - the one that I was having all the trouble with as it was being "guess" read - the meter - as you couldn't read it. Wish I had looked at this bloody meter years ago!!! The Gas/Water people must have thought I owned the Bank of Zurich!!! They did eventually apologise for their failure but they sure didn't reimburse!!!
From previous $300 a quarter I am now down to $95!!! Joy joy and more joy.
A great day except I got very wet and so it will be bed early tonight.

Oh yes - Diane's garden is looking great and she has some rather strange little flags all over the place - maybe Diane you might put this up on a blog report one day and explain?